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Process Articles

July 4th

This year, working from the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada Day on July 1 gets all the attention. But with July 4 quickly approaching, I find myself looking through firework photos from years past across American towns.

By |07.02.22|Found, Process|0 Comments

The Sunday Poem: “Winter Heat” by Sierra Golden

I always try to be on the lookout for moments of sudden attention in my life, like the one Sierra Golden describes so vividly in “Winter Heat.” Like her, I believe this is how a poem happens: some sound or image observed in stillness shifts something inside us, and we do our best to find the language to capture that unexpected change in perception.

By |12.04.21|Process, The Sunday Poem, Words|0 Comments

The Beauty of Boxes

Earlier this week, as I struggled to open a package from the mail, I sighed and wished that boxes were better designed. But with it being almost Thanksgiving here in America, I knew the stores would already be full of Christmas wares. And, accordingly, some very interesting boxes!

By |11.20.21|Art, Design, Found, Process|0 Comments