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Contemporary art, poetry, film, music, design, and performance don’t have to be intimidating or quarantined behind the walls of academia. There is a lot of exciting art out there, but the trouble is knowing where to look. Gwarlingo highlights some of the most inventive work being made today in contemporary art. It’s also a place where creative people can connect, explore, and share challenges, ideas, and resources. Gwarlingo is different because of its personal perspective, accessibility, and unique curation. It offers you quality over quantity, clarity over clutter, and stories over sound bytes. At Gwarlingo, we share real conversations with real artists about ideas and process, as well as some of our own exciting discoveries. Our goal is to bring you the best work, period—regardless of its genre or popularity, while also having some fun along the way. The site has been featured on NHPR, Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish, RISDxyz magazine, etc. And the name? Gwarlingo is a Welsh word for the rushing sound a grandfather clock makes before it chimes. Gwarlingo is all about resonance. Enjoy.

Michelle photographing icicles in Wyoming (Photo by Anne Connel)

Michelle Aldredge: Founder & Creative Director

Michelle is a designer, writer, and the founder of Gwarlingo. In 1999 she traded the sprawl and traffic of Atlanta, Georgia, for a rural life in New Hampshire, where she cared for injured hawks, owls, and eagles at a raptor rehab center and assisted artists at MacDowell, the nation’s oldest artist retreat. Currently she and her business partner, Corwin Levi, help individuals and businesses with branding, print, and web design from Gwarlingo Studio, the design branch of this site located in the 18th century mill village of Harrisville. In 2015 Michelle was named a “Top 100 Artist, Innovator, Creative” by Origin magazine. She is a 2017 recipient of the Wampler Art Professorship at James Madison University and the co-author of Mirror Mirrored, a limited-edition art book that combines Grimms’ fairy tales with vintage illustration remixes and the work of contemporary artists like Kiki Smith, Carrie Mae Weems, and Amy Cutler. Michelle currently serves as Vice Chair for the Historic Harrisville Board of Trustees.