An Invitation to Dinner, from Roswell with Love

Tucked away on the outskirts of Roswell, NM, far away from the daily bustle of the alien museum, lies the Roswell Artist in Residence Program. The residency hosts six artists a year and each, near the end of their residency, has a solo exhibition. Each exhibition is followed by a dinner, which is prefaced by a handmade invitation from the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art's Director Nancy Fleming. She has been making these special invitations since 2004, and here is a peek into these small treasures.

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Joseph Keckler, Interdimensional Traveler

I have a copy of a brand new book, Dragon at the Edge of a Flat World, sitting on the edge of my desk. Inside it is inscribed: "Hope we stay in the same reality. Love, Joseph." At the time, I did not fully appreciate the extent to which Joseph Keckler, the author, is a dimension-traveling wizard. But I already had inklings.

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Babel’s Bricks: The Power of Play

Remember, as a kid, when you played with wooden blocks, Erector sets, Lincoln Logs, and Legos? Artists have continued to nurture the impulse of putting parts together to make a more wonderful whole. At Gallery 51's latest show, Babel's Bricks, twenty artists playfully interpret the idea of artwork as building block.

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